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Mines bet, a crash game, is gaining prominence among Brazilian gamblers. In this guide, it is presented in detail. Undoubtedly, it deserves all your attention.

Here, you will find everything you need to know about Mines bet, from the selection of values, to the best casinos to play, important information, the best tips and even a real review. About the game Mines in facts:

💣 Performance (24H)90.81%
🧨 Yield (Week)87.62%
💥 Income (Month)88.9%
🪓 VolatilityNot specified
🧨 Average VolatilityNot specified
💥 Hit Frequency51%
🧨 Biggest Multiplier818,03x
💣 Percentage of Game Rounds1.50%
🪓 Average BetR$18,42

What is the Mines Game?

The Mines gambling game was created by Spribe, the same creator of Aviator, and although the success is the same, the theme is a little different. The Mines betting also belongs to the category of crash games, but the “crash”, in this case, is when you find a bomb, and the round ends for you.

mines finds a bomb

The configuration consists of a 5×5 platform, with 25 options to choose from (five rows and five columns). In each round, the player must define an entry value, and choose one of the spaces to open. Below each space, you can find two symbols, the star and the bomb (or mine). As you can imagine, each has an opposite function to the other. And that's exactly what you'll understand in the next sections.

Best Casinos to Play Mines

Bonus of up to R$3.000.000


Bonus up to 120% + 250FS!


Brazino 777
Bonus of up to R$4000


100% Bonus up to $500


Up to R$200 in free bet on your first bet


€200 bonus + 30 free spins


Estrela bet
100% Bonus up to $2.000


20% Bonus up to $50


Mines Game Symbols

To explain what happens with each symbol, here is a quick explanation of the function of each one. But the meaning of each symbol, like any other rule, is very simple to understand. The Mines game bets with 1 real is a very simple mechanic, which involves any type of player.

The star

The star symbol is practically the winning one, or at least the profit symbol. When a player chooses one of the 25 spaces, and when the stars are revealed, it means that their entry will count with the multiplier displayed at the top of the screen.

At this point, the player will already see his values being impacted by the multiplier, and will have the option to stop. If they stop, they keep their profits to date. But if they decide to continue, they'll have to find another star to have the option of stopping again. The good news is that another star will add another multiplier to the amount already multiplied.

multiplier mines

The bomb

Contrary to the star, the bomb symbol in the Mines betting game means loss and the end of all your progress. No matter what the name, finding a mine is not a good thing. 

What are the features of Mines Casino online mini-game?

The main feature of this game is that it is representative of the crash game category, the kind where you have to withdraw your winnings before the worst happens. But in this other big release from Spribe, unlike in Spribe Aviator, the player has more time to decide between stopping and continuing.

The rules are simple, the mechanics are basic, and the controls are intuitive. To give you a complete review of its features, here's a comparison of the best and worst. 

These are the main advantages when playing the Mines betting game:

  • Customizable game - You can set the number of bombs distributed among the 25 spaces. The higher the number of bombs, the higher the value of the multiplier above;
  • Fixed profit - The player always knows what the profit will be if they hit the next star. This allows you to better control your winnings targets;
  • Decision Time - Unlike most crash games, this one doesn't have the pressure to make a quick decision, so you can stop and think for as long as you like.

In addition, there are still the advantages already mentioned, which are the simple rules and intuitive controls.

You can't expect a game to appeal to every style of player, and in this case, it couldn't be any different. It's time to find out about the disadvantages of playing Mines:

  • Simple graphics - Although the software was designed to be very simple and basic, some complain about the game's "simpler" look, which is really reminiscent of an old video game.
  • Low multipliers - Some people complain that the multipliers are low, but this can be changed through the number of bombs and compensated for by higher stakes.

It's also worth remembering that opinions can change from player to player, but you can get an idea of what to expect from these pros and cons.

A brief description of the main features of the Mines game

💣 ProviderSpribe
💣TypeBoard game
💣Also known asMinas Game, Mi Mines, Mina Bet Game, Bombinha Mines Game
💣Minimum BetR$1,00
💣Maximum betR$500,00
💣Biggest WinR$32.535,41
💣Mobile versionYes

How to Play Spribe Mines?

To get to grips with the workings of one of today's best crash games, here's a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to play the mines game:

Set your bet

Using the Mines bet game's command bar, the first step is to define the input value, with the help of the (-) and (+) keys, or the middle one, which has a coin symbol and brings predefined values. Regardless of the way, you need to define an input value.

set your bet

Select the number of bombs in the Mines Game

In the upper right corner of the mines game screen, the player will find a button with the name of the game, which also informs the number of mines that are distributed among the 25 positions on the board.

It is possible to select from 1 to 20 bombs per round, and this will directly impact the multiplier, which is on the other side, in yellow. It makes sense, as with 1 bomb in 25 chances, it's much easier to hit a star, and the opposite is true. That said, the more bombs, the higher the multiplier with each hit.

number of bombs in mines bet

Click on the bet button

After setting an entry value and configuring the number of bombs per round, the last step is to click on the very obvious "Mines Bet" button, labelled in green on the Mines betting control panel.

As soon as you click on the button, it turns into the "CASHOUT" button, but it is only enabled when a star is found. This is the button you have to click to exit the mines bet game, with each star.

Random opening feature

The Mines game is based on the players' intuition, but there is also a "Random" button, which allows you to choose one of the 25 positions completely at random. 

Automatic game mode in Mines Game

The “Auto Game” button is a great resource for applying different strategies, and it works as follows:

  1. By clicking on the "Auto Game" button, the firecracker gambler must select as many spaces as they like from the 25 available. None will be opened at this point;
  2. After selecting all the spaces they want, they click on the blue button with the "play" symbol;
  3. There you can configure the number of spins, as well as limits for losses and targets for wins.

When you finish all the automatic mode settings, just click on “Start Auto”.

How to win at Mines?

The Mines game is similar to a minefield, with each click you make to find a bomb that can result in a win or a loss. Luck, strategy and self-control are the keys to success in this game.

  • Set a limit: Before you start, determine what your profits and losses are. In this way, you'll know when to stop, either because you've reached your goal or because you've lost enough.
  • Differentiate your games: Don't use the same pattern in every case. Vary the order in which the clicks are placed. In one round, for example, start from the corners and continue from the centre in another.
  • Consider your instincts: It can be tempting to click on lots of squares if you like to gamble. But remember that each click increases the likelihood of finding a bomb. Set a maximum number of clicks per round and try not to exceed that number.
  • Take Advantage of Statistics: If your hit rate is, for example, 51%, that means you get it right more than half the time. So, according to the theory, one out of every two clicks would be considered safe. Of course, practice may vary, but keeping these statistics in mind can help you make decisions.

What are Mines Game Variations?

There are a few variations of the game version. Depending on the casino, the visuals may change a little, but the features and rules are almost always the same. The most important variation to mention, however, is Free Mines, which can be found on most platforms where it is available.

This is a version that is completely the same as the original but played using virtual money. There, the player can test out different Mines game strategy, gain experience and define the style of action before start betting with real money.

In addition to Free Mines, other variations are related to the number of mines available in the field. In some versions, the player can choose the quantity, knowing that the more mines, the greater the challenge, but also the potential reward. The cash-out feature is another plus, allowing players to withdraw their winnings at the right time. Deposits and withdrawals are facilities added to many casinos to speed up financial transactions. For those looking to optimize their experience, the best site to play on can vary, depending on individual preferences and the offer of some tips and guidelines provided by the platforms. The important thing is to do your research and find the version that most closely aligns with the player's objectives, whether it's to win money or simply to have fun.

Which Strategy to Use to Play Mines?

The first main strategy is to take advantage of the free Mines bet version mentioned above, as it will provide you with all the basics you need to make the most of the game. That said, there are other interesting methods to increase your chances of winning.

  • Do the calculations – It's pure math, with each hit your chances decrease for the next star, it's very important to keep this account in mind;
  • Play in automatic mode – By creating a fixed configuration of selected spaces, and betting on that same formation for more than 3 rounds, you can create different types of strategies;
  • Don't forget the "Random" button – By playing the bomb game manually, the player may end up creating some patterns and addictions, so it's worth considering the "Random" button from time to time, to shake up the odds.

In addition, any crash game always makes it possible to adapt known and proven methods, such as Martingale, Fibonacci and D'Alembert. All these strategies are used successfully in the Mines app, which is also very convenient for users.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Mines

Now a few basic tips for beginners, which will certainly apply to more experienced minefield players too:

  1. When looking for higher multipliers through several hits, it's more worthwhile to make a reduced stake, with lower values;
  2. Considering the reverse logic, it's also possible to turn low multipliers into great deals;
  3. Set up the area of action in such a way as to create a number of bombs and an entry value that are ideal for your objectives.

And always remember: the number of bombs directly influences the round multiplier, and the entry value is also decisive in the profit potential.

Where to play Mines Game?

Due to the great popularity of Mines in casinos, it's now quite easy to find it on the best betting platforms in Brazil, Portugal, Colombia, India, Mexico, Peru, Italy, Canada and the Philippines. Below you'll find some of the best online casinos where you can find the Spribe Games.


The Mines game, developed by Spribe, is a popular choice among Brazilian gamblers. With simple and intuitive mechanics, it offers players the thrill of a virtual minefield. In Brazil, several online casino platforms offer Mines. In addition to Betano, KTO, Pin Up and Parimatch, there are other notable options that also offer a safe and fun gaming experience, with attractive bonuses for new players.


Mines Bet – Play Mines Game Online
Mines BC.Game
Mines BC.Game

BC.Game offers an electrifying experience with its own version of the Mines game, challenging online casino enthusiasts to test their luck and strategy. Unlike the version developed by Spribe, BC Originals' Mines retains the familiarity of the gameplay, but is the platform's own creation. Players immerse themselves in a virtual environment where every click can lead to big rewards or sudden destruction.

How to Play Mines on BC.Game:

  1. Set Bet: Initially, the player selects the amount they wish to bet.
  2. Choose the Number of Mines: Next, decide how many mines you want hidden in the field.
  3. Start Game: With the bets and mine set, the player starts the game by clicking on "Bet".
  4. Select Squares: The aim is to click on the squares to reveal what is hidden. If the square is free of mines, the player can continue or choose to withdraw the reward accumulated up to that point.
  5. Collect Rewards: At any point after revealing a mine-free square, you can collect the winnings. If a mine is revealed, the game ends and the bet is lost.

The BC Originals Mines experience promises to be just as exciting as the one offered by the Spribe game, with the added branding and quality that BC.Game users have come to expect.


Mines Bet – Play Mines Game Online
Mines Betano

The first casino to stand out is Betano, mainly because it is already one of the best known among Brazilians, and also because it is extremely reliable and safe for any player. In addition to the little game of Mines, Betano offers a very complete library of casino games.

The platform offers all the necessary structure to do well in the game of Mines bet, which is an intuitive interface, quick (and secure) financial transactions, quality customer service and a generous welcome bonus, which can reach up to 500 BRL. At Betano, you can also play the Plinko betting game as an alternative.


Mines Bet – Play Mines Game Online
Mines KTO

KTO is a Swedish betting platform that has already secured its place in the Brazilian betting market. Just like Betano, the player can find not only betting games and Mines, but also a complete sports betting section, with several different types of activities.

When registering at Mines KTO, the user deposits to win 50 BRL in the welcome package, which also involves free spins. There are a variety of payment methods for making transfers, and customer service is provided via email or live chat.

Pin Up

Mines Bet – Play Mines Game Online
Mines Pin Up

If you're looking for a gambling establishment that's all-encompassing, with practically every sporting discipline and all the best-known online casino games, Pin Up certainly has a lot to offer. With a classic and attractive style, the platform has an app version and offers a great gaming experience in the Mines game.

The package for new Pin Up customers can be up to 1.500 BRL + 250 free spins. And the rest of the layout is also very attractive, with various payment methods available, other promotions and highly praised customer support. This casino has another great alternative: Goal game.


Parimatch is a very experienced and reliable bookmaker for playing the Bomber Bet game. Although the site isn't fully translated into Portuguese, the support is, and navigating the platform is very intuitive.

As well as crash games, you can also find other popular categories in the casino world, such as poker, slots, roulette and more. The bonus for new users is 100% of the amount of the first transfer, with a limit of 1.000 BRL. By the way, this casino also offers another alternative game – Dice betting game , which is also gaining popularity.


In Portugal, Mines has also won over players with its dynamic and exciting format. In addition to Estrela Bet and Betano, a variety of other online casinos offer this game, making them popular destinations for enthusiasts. These casinos provide a safe and engaging gaming experience, with various bonus options and promotions:

  • Betclic
  • BC.Game
  • Pin Up
  • Solverde
  • CasinoPortugal.pt
  • Betway


In Colombia, Mines is a popular choice for fans of online casino games. In addition to Brazino 777 and Brabet, several other renowned casinos offer this exciting game, along with welcome bonuses and special promotions, ensuring a safe and fun gaming experience:

  • RushBet
  • BC.Game
  • Betsson
  • Bwin
  • Pin Up
  • Wplay
  • Williamhill


The game Mines has been gaining popularity in India, attracting players with its simple gameplay and potential for big wins. In addition to Pin Up and KTO, there are a number of other prestigious online casinos that are popular choices among Indian players, offering a secure platform and a variety of bonuses and promotions:

  • Parimatch
  • BC.Game
  • 4RaBet
  • DafaBet
  • 888 Casino
  • RajBet


In Mexico, Mines by Spribe is one of the most popular online casino games. Casinos such as Estrela Bet and Brazino 777 lead the choices, but other prominent options offer this game, providing Mexican players with an exciting experience with various bonus options and promotions:

  • Betway
  • BC.Game
  • NetBet
  • Spincasino
  • Pin Up
  • 20bet


Mines is a favourite game among Peruvian players. Casinos like Betano and Brabet are among the most popular, but there are other well-regarded options that also offer this game, guaranteeing a safe and exciting gaming experience with various bonus opportunities and promotions:

  • Pin Up
  • BC.Game
  • Betsson
  • Betsafe


In Italy, Mines is a popular game at online casinos. In addition to Pin Up and KTO, Italian players have a wide range of other renowned casinos to enjoy this exciting game, which offers a safe experience and a variety of bonuses and promotions.

  • 888 casino
  • BC.Game
  • Williamhill
  • Betway
  • Pokerstar
  • Netbet


In Canada, Mines is a popular choice for online casino enthusiasts. In addition to Parimatch and Brazino 777, many other casinos are frequent destinations for Canadian players, offering a safe and engaging gaming experience with various bonus options:

  • SpinCasino
  • BC.Game
  • Pin Up
  • JustCasino
  • Wildz
  • JackpotCity Casino


In the Philippines, Mines attracts many players with its simple and exciting gameplay. Casinos such as Betano and Estrela Bet are just some of the options available, with many other casinos offering Filipino players a safe platform to play on, as well as attractive bonuses and special promotions:

  • Bet88
  • BC.Game
  • NetBet
  • 20Bet
  • Pin Up

How to Withdraw Your Winnings from the Mines Game?

The process may be slightly different depending on the platform you choose, but the path to withdrawing your profits is usually very similar in all of them. Here is a general outline:

  1. Accessing the account controls menu, the player must look for the withdrawal option;
  2. This will bring up a list of the transfer options available on the bombing game platform with bet 1 real;
  3. Simply choose the one that makes the most interest to you, enter the amount and confirm the operation. The processing time will depend on the casino and the method selected, but the rule is clear: the more modern, the faster.

With the four options presented above, you can now decide which is the best casino for Mines in your opinion. 

How to Play the Game of Mines for Free?

There are two ways to play for free. The first is through the demo Mines game itself, which most casinos offer their users. The game is exactly the same. You can set the entry amount, and select the number of bombs. It also gives you access to all the betting tools. The only difference is that the money is "fake".

The other way to play without having to spend is through the bonuses and promotions that online casinos offer. The benefits aren't always specifically aimed at Mines, but with welcome packages, cashback, loyalty programs and other incentives, you don't always have to risk your bankroll.

Is Mines a reliable casino game?

If you want to play Mines for real money safely, it's important to know that the game is completely reliable, and for several reasons. The first reason is the game's developer, Spribe. With the worldwide success of Aviator, any title created by the company would be worthy of respect. 

Spribe, like all the big names in the gaming software industry, undergoes rigorous and frequent tests for fair play. If you already like and trust Aviator, you can play Mines without any worries.

Safety When Playing Mines

The other reason that contributes greatly to the level of trust is the system of composing the results. Crash games are a category of games of chance, and nowadays, most modern games rely on high technology to compose results that are totally independent and demonstrably fair.

The name given to this type of technology is "Provably Fair", which means that the algorithms used to define the locations of the bombs can be explained and displayed in such a way as to prove the fairness of the round, as the term itself suggests.

What is the RTP of the Mines casino game?

The Mine Bet Game has an RTP of 97%. This is very positive for players, but before you celebrate, you need to understand what RTP is in the world of casino games.

RTP stands for Return To Player in minefield games. This aspect of casino games is measured in percentages and indicates how much of the total money invested (wagered) in the game actually returns to the players. It's important to remember, however, that this measurement considers activity over the long term. You won't get all that return in one spin, and it's not just about you.

What are the bonuses and promotions available in Mines?

The bomb game that makes money has definitely taken over the betting market in Brazil, and this always turns into various types of incentives to play. Each platform has a different structure of bonuses and promotions that can be used to have fun and win money, below you'll find some examples:

  • Welcome pack – Most bookmakers in Brazil offer a bonus linked to the new user's first deposit. The return value is usually around 100% of the transaction value and can be used in several casino games;
  • Free spins – While players can't choose where to play firecracker game for free spins, the little game may be included in the list of options at some of the houses that offer free spins.
  • Cashback – This type of promotion is a little rarer, but some sites offer a cashback system, which usually has to do with a loyalty program or on specific days of the week. With every mistake, there is a cashback to ease the pain.

In addition to these examples, there are also exclusive offers in each casino. And it is always worth checking the “promotions” section.

My Experience Playing Mines

To finalise this review, it's worth bringing up the most important thing: a real experience, more specifically mine, Bruno de Almeida, the author of this text. After testing the game for a long time in demo mode, I was already having a lot of fun and ready for the "real time" mode.

In Mines you bet 1 real and can start playing very shortly afterward (maximum bet is 500 BRL). Playing this little game, the feeling is that it's hard to lose - at least playing with a few bombs, where I felt most comfortable according to my experience.  

Based on my observations, by selecting a reasonable number of bombs and setting an average value, you can see the difference from the first few hits. When I tested this game, I noticed that the coolest thing about it is the level of customization it offers the player, who can easily find their best zone.


💣 What is the minimum amount to bet on Mines?

The minimum amount to enter Mines is 1 BRL.

💣 What is the name of the game of mines?

The popular “little mine game” is Mines, developed by Spribe in 2021.

💣 Where to bet on Mines?

The Mines bet game can be accessed from several betting sites, and to reinforce the ones we present on the list: Betano, KTO, Pin Up and Parimatch.