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BC.Game Mines is a game here to make your days even better. Now, let's learn more about this game that is becoming a hit. Escape the mines or you will lose everything! Find BC diamonds to multiply your bets and win.

Mines game on BC.Game – features

The mine game is a classic that everyone who used Windows 98 knows. Now, casinos are creating their own versions of the game. This is the case of Mines BC.Game, an exclusive and original game, created by the BC Originals study. The mechanics are the same as the well-known Spribe Mines. The player bets and must escape the bombs to avoid losing the bet. Until the bombs are found, the amount bet is multiplied.

Advantages disadvantages

We decided to reveal the biggest secret mines BC.Game, its advantages and disadvantages:

  • Can be bet with little money
  • Easy-to-understand rules
  • Available to play 24 hours
  • Can only be played at the BC casino
  • Only accepts cryptocurrencies


BC Originals is the BC casino's line of exclusive games. Every game within the BC Originals collection is verified, including the mines casino game. Players can enjoy these games directly in the browser using cryptocurrencies. Therefore, BC Casino is where to play mine game exclusive.

How to find the mine game at BC.Game Casino

To find the BC Game mines signal game, the player must access the BC Casino platform website and log in.

  1. Once logged in, you must enter the Casino section
BC.Game website
  1. Search for Mines by BC Originals
BC.Game Search the game Mines
  1. Click to start the game, choose the amount and start betting
BC.Game Mines

How to play Mines at BC.Game Casino

It's very easy to play BC.Game casino mines. The game allows players to select the number of mines in each round, increasing the reward potential the more mines are set.

  1. Mine selection: Before starting the round, choose how many mines you want the board to have. The number of mines directly influences the potential reward and risk.
  1. Start of the round: After defining the number of mines, press the “BET” button to start the round.
Mines Bet
  1. Gem Reveal: When you click on squares to reveal gems, the payout multiplier increases with each gem discovered.
Mines Gem Reveal
  1. Finding a Mine: If you reveal a mine, the round ends immediately, and you lose the bet you made.
Mines Finding a mine

Mines demo BC Game has a house edge of just 1%, meaning 99% of bets return to players in the long run. This provides one of the highest return-to-player rates among casino games.  

Mines BC.Game
Mines BC.Game
Mines BC.Game

Betting options and their size

There are several settings to play the BC casino mines game. Firstly, the player can bet from 0.0000001 (minimum) to 0.53 (maximum) Bitcoin. 

Mines Betting options and their size

Additionally, you can choose from 1 to 24 mines, which increases the difficulty and also the multiplier. The more mines, the higher the multiplier.

choose mines

game functionality

One of the features of Mines demo BC Game is that it offers the automatic bet feature. In the automatic bet panel, the player can choose the value and quantity of mines. So far, nothing different from manual configuration. What changes comes next.

Number of bets

The automatic panel allows the player to choose the number of bets that will be placed until the robot stops betting automatically. It can be 10, 100 and even infinite bets or until the balance runs out.

Automatic Mines

Additionally, players can set a percentage increase in case of victory or defeat, all automatically. You can even choose when to stop, depending on the Bitcoin account balance or how much the player loses:

Mines choose when to stop

Earn money with the game

The BC casino mines game is a casino gambling game and pays cash prizes to lucky players. Just bet the amount and as you find the diamonds, the multiplier will increase. 

Now, if the bomb is found, the player loses everything. Therefore, take your bet before finding the bomb to withdraw your money. In this case, as the game only accepts cryptocurrencies, it will also pay players in cryptocurrencies.

Conclusion – is it worth playing Mines on BC.Game?

Yes, it is a game of chance highly rated by BC players. It's simple to play and can give up to 13.334 bitcoins, which amounts to around R$3.000.000. You can test BC mines to understand more about how the game and features work, before starting to bet with money. Take the opportunity to have fun and get to know BC.GAME Mines right now.

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