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The Aviator game, developed by Spribe, revolutionizes the world of online gambling with its innovative format based on curve crash mechanics. Since its launch, the little plane game has gained a loyal fan base and continues to be one of the most played titles in several online casinos.

With unique features and social tools that engage players, Aviator's online game stands out as a pioneer in its genre. In this full review, we'll explore all the aspects that make this game a lasting success.

Aviator Bet Little Plane Game

About playing Aviator 

An innovative online casino game developed by turbo Spribe gaming. With gameplay based on the crash mechanism, the Aviator game's gameplay allows players to bet on a little plane that takes off with an increasing multiplier, it's all about how to play and bet.

The objective is simple: click to withdraw your bet before the plane disappears, thus multiplying the value of the initial bet. If you are wondering how to play Aviator, all players have the risk of losing and in the demo mode you will learn a lot.

Aviator Bet – Little Plane Game
Aviator Bet – Little Plane Game

Features about Aviator Online

👾 DeveloperSpribe
🎲 Typecrash game
📈 MultiplierYes
🎁 BonusesDepends on the casino
📲 GameplayOnline
💵 Minimum bets 1 reais
🗣️ Customer supportAvailable in stock

Aviator casino game multipliers

The multiplier starts at 1x and can grow indefinitely. Each round offers new opportunities and challenges. The minimum stake for Aviator is 1 real, making playing the airplane game accessible to everyone.

Plane game bonuses

The Aviator bet game offers several forms of bonuses, including free spins and automatic bets. Additionally, there is an in-game chat that allows players to interact and share tips in the aviator casino in the crash games section.

To start playing and have your Aviator bet won, you can visit the Aviator official website or opt for platforms like Betano, Estrela Bet Aviator, or Aviator on KTO. Once you register and make the initial deposit, you can find the game in the casino games section and click to get started.

aviarace tournament

The Aviarace tournament is an exciting competition that takes place on platforms such as Betano and Estrela Bet Aviator. Players have the chance to compete in multiple rounds of the game to win substantial prizes. Each round is a new opportunity to take off the Spribe plane and learn how the game works, regardless of the best time to play Aviator.

Aviator game bonus rain

Who doesn't like bonuses? Aviator gameplay often offers a shower of bonuses, where players can win free spins, multipliers and even cashback. This is especially true at promotional events organized by sites like Aviator Pin Up and Blaze Aviator.

Cashback Plane game

Losing a bet is not the end of the world when you play Aviator demo or not. Some online casinos like KTO offer a cashback option, where a percentage of the lost bet is returned to the player. This allows players to continue playing the aviator plane game.

Game Betting Features

The Aviator online casino gambling game allows minimum bets of 1 real, making it accessible to all types of players. You can bet simultaneously on the aviator multiple bet game. The online plane game is full of interesting features.

Minimum/maximum bets airplane game

The minimum amount to start a bet on the plane game is 1 real, while the maximum can vary depending on the online casino you are playing at. In the aviator betting game your bets can be as small as possible.

Two bets on the game

The money-making airplane game allows players to place two bets in a single round, thus doubling the opportunities to win. This adds a strategic element to the game and makes each round even more exciting.

Automatic bets on the little plane game

For those who prefer a faster airline gaming experience, the game offers the option of automatic betting. This allows you to set a bet amount and number of spins, and the game will take care of the rest, just like in Plinko bet.

How to play Aviator by Spribe

To learn how to play the aviator luck game, you need to understand the basic mechanics. The game starts with a little plane that takes off and a multiplier that increases progressively. The objective is to click the Cash Out button before the plane crashes. The moment you click determines the multiplier applied to your initial bet. Each round offers new opportunities and challenges.

Tips for Playing the Airplane Game

  1. Study the Aviator Game: Before you start playing, watch a few rounds to understand how to win at Aviator and how the multiplier behaves
  1. Set a Budget: Never bet more than you can afford to lose.
  1. Use the Auto Button: The game allows for automatic betting, which can be useful for maintaining a consistent strategy.
  2. Best Time: Some players believe that playing at certain times can increase their chances of winning, although this is not proven.

The best aviator plane game strategies

  • Increasing Bet: Start with a low bet and gradually increase it.
  • Fixed Bet: Keep the same bet on every spin to minimize losses.
  • Exit at the Peak: Set a target multiplier and exit when you reach it.

Where to Play – Best Online Casinos to Play Aviator Slot

🌟 Parimatch150% up to R$7500
🎲KTOR$50 in free bets
🔥 Blaze100% up to R$1000
📌 Pin Up100% up to R$1500
🌠 Betanoup to BRL 500
Aviator Bet – Little Plane Game
Mines BC.Game
Mines BC.Game


Known for its wide variety of Aviator online casino games, Parimatch is an excellent choice for playing Aviator.


If you are looking for a casino with good customer support and a user-friendly interface, at KTO you can play aviator online.


Blaze Aviator offers a unique gaming experience with high-quality graphics to play Aviator for real money.

Pin Up 

Aviator Bet – Little Plane Game
Mines Pin Up

Pin Up is popular for its frequent promotions and generous bonuses, making it a must-watch choice.


Betano is known for its reliable platform and a wide range of betting options, where the aviator game runs smoothly and without lag.

Alternatives to the game Aviator

If you like the Aviator but are looking for something a little different, there are several interesting alternatives. For example, the mines game It's an exciting option that also involves strategy and luck.

Another alternative is Plinko Aposta, a game of chance where the position of a falling ball determines your winnings. Both offer a unique gaming experience and can be found at numerous online casinos.

Our experience playing Aviator

Based on our experience, this is an exciting game that offers a unique combination of strategy and luck.

our experience playing aviator

When we tested this game, our team was impressed with the quality of the graphics and the fluidity of the gameplay. 

After putting it to the test, we determined that the game offers several betting options that suit all types of players, from newbies to veterans.

aviator betting options

Our findings show that the game is especially popular on platforms like Betano and KTO, where bonuses and promotions add an extra incentive to play.

bonuses and promotions aviator game

And yes, we tested the game at different times and found no significant differences in the chances of winning, debunking the myth that there is a best time to play Aviator.

Conclusion – Is it worth playing aviator bet?

According to our experience and analysis, aviator game is a game worth trying. It combines elements of strategy and luck in a way few other casino games do, with features like in-game chat and real-time game results.

During the game, players can adjust their bets according to their strategy, offering a personalized gaming experience. Plus, with the option to play Aviator online for free, you can practice before betting real money or your bet will be lost.

So if you're looking for an exciting way to test your luck and skills, the aviator game is definitely an option to consider.


When is the best time to play Aviator?

There is no proven best time to play. You have to leave at the right time, but you can enter whenever you want.

Where to play Aviator?

You can play at several online casinos, such as Betano, KTO, and Estrela Bet, and the best online casinos in the world.

When is the best time to play Aviator Betano?

The chances of winning at Aviator Betano are consistent throughout the day.

What is the secret of the Aviator game?

There is no secret; the amount of money and luck defines your bet. Before the plane flies, putting the amount of money into the online casino is the secret.

When is the best time to play Aviator Estrela Bet?

Similar to Betano, there is no specific time that increases your chances.

What is Aviator?

It's a game that lasts from 1 to 30 seconds, it's a bet and hoping to win at the right time. It's a great way to have fun.

What is Aviator's strategy?

The strategy varies from player to player, but involves managing risk and betting time.

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