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If you are looking for a unique and exciting gaming experience, the Plinko game is what you need to check out in 2023. It is a game that offers several risk and reward options that can multiply your bet by up to 555 times. Let's check it out.

About Plinko Ball Betting Game

About plinko, the Plinko game is made up of a series of pegs and boxes. Players launch balls from the top of the board, and the location where the ball lands determines the bet multiplier the player wins in aviator at bookmaker.

 The game offers three options for the number of pins (12, 14 and 16) and three colors of balls (green, yellow and red), each corresponding to different levels of risk and reward. The game has an RTP (Return to Player percentage) above the average of 97%.

plinko bet game

Plinko Casino Game Providers

The Plinko game was developed by Spribe Gaming, a licensed company known for creating innovative and engaging online gambling games. Spribe has a solid reputation in the gaming market and is trustworthy, known for its fair and safe games. Place your plinko bets and win more.

Spribe Ball Game Features

🎲 Game TypeBetting Game
📍 Number of Pins12, 14, 16
🟢🟡🔴 Ball ColorsGreen, Yellow, Red
💶Minimum BetR$0.5
💰 Max BetR$500
🚀 Maximum Multiplierup to 555x
📱💻 Supported DevicesPCs, Tablets, Smartphones
✅ JusticeFair-Poor

Ball game betting options

Want to know how to play Plinko? Plinko online offers various Plinko betting options to suit different types of players. You can bet on three colors of balls (green, yellow or red), each with their own bet multipliers. It's the best way to play plinko and other online games, it's easy, as it has no number of lines and you can define whatever you want in pins.

risk level

Spribe's Plinko game offers different risk levels that players can choose according to their preference. Bettors willing to take risks, taking part in free play, before letting go, willing to play with variables, have a chance of winning. It's a simple version, but the risk levels are determined by the color of the ball you choose in plinko xy:

  • Green: Low risk, lower premiums. 🟢
  • Yellow: Medium risk, medium premiums. 🟡
  • Red: High risk, higher rewards. 🔴

Autoplay feature

Plinko has an autoplay feature that allows players to set a specific number of spins to automatically play low or high stakes. 

Plinko game betting limits

The game offers a wide range of betting options, from R$0.5 to R$500 per spin. 

Bonus TypeOverview
❌ Free Spins
Not available
🚀 MultiplierUp to 555x the bet
🎁 Welcome BonusVaries depending on the casino

How to play Plinko from Spribe

To understand how the plinko game works, you need to play the game. Check out a step-by-step guide on how to play and reduce your chances of losing by playing responsibly.

Choose the number of pins: Choose 12, 14 or 16 pins.

  1. Select the Ball Color: Green for low risk, yellow for medium risk and red for high risk.
  2. Set your Bet: Adjust your bet within the allowed limits.
  3. Just click: Now just click on the play button to release the ball.

Green, Yellow and Red:

  • Green: Smaller prizes, but more chances to win. Ideal for beginners. 🟢
  • Yellow: A balance between risk and reward. Good for intermediate players. 🟡
  • Red: Bigger prizes, but also higher risk. For adventurers. 🔴

Tips for playing Plinko game

Playing plinko online does not require complex calculations, just like playing the little plane game ou mine bet. Like all Spribe Gaming slots, what the user needs to do is bet and count on luck. However, there is Plinko strategy you can use. Let's see some of them.

The best strategies for the game

  1. Start with low stakes: If you are new to the game, start with lower stakes and use the green ball.
  2. Test the demo mode: Play the Plinko demo to understand how the game works, its dynamics and features. You can test Plinko Betano or Plinko Estrela Bet
  3. Understand the multipliers: Know the multipliers associated with each ball color and pin number.
  1. Use autoplay with caution: Set loss and win limits when using the autoplay feature, so as not to undermine your budget.

With these tips and strategies, you will be better prepared to make the most of your gaming experience in the spribe gaming ball game and other games like Mines Bet.

Plinko Bet Game – Ball Game
Plinko Bet Game – Ball Game

Best online casinos to play Plinko slot

Want to know where to play Plinko offers? We have selected some casinos for those interested in playing the ball game online and choosing the best casino.

Casino NameFeatured bonusGames Available
🎰 Staking🎲Up to $100.000 in daily prizes300+
🎰Pin Up🎯Up to R$1500 + 250 free spin250+
🎰 Blaze🔥 Up to R$1.000200+
🎰KTO🎟️ Up to R$50 in free spins + 0 free spins150+
Plinko Bet Game – Ball Game
Mines BC.Game
Mines BC.Game


Stake live casino offers a wide range of games, including Jetx and Plinko from spribe gaming. 

Pin Up

Pin Up is known for its user-friendly interface and a good selection of slot games, including Pin Up. The welcome bonus can reach R$1500.


Blaze is a betting site that offers an exciting casino gaming experience, and with a welcome bonus of up to R$1000 it is great for betting with real money and depositing with PIX.


KTO is another reliable casino that offers the pins game in its library, as well as offering other games and a free bet bonus of up to €50 for new players.

Plinko Bet Game – Ball Game
Plinko Bet Game – Ball Game

Alternatives to the Ball Game

The game really pays, but if you want to try something a little different, here are some alternatives:

  1. Roulette: A casino classic with different levels of risk.
  2. Blackjack: A card game where strategy can really make a difference.
  3. Poker: Ideal for those who like games that combine luck and skill.
  4. Bingo: A more relaxed but still exciting game.

Our experience of playing Plinko

Based on our experience, we can say that crash Plinko is a cool game. As our tests have shown, it is easy to understand, even for novice players and those looking for a plinko app to make money.

Our experience of playing Plinko

By playing this game, we discovered an attractive game for all types of players. After putting it to the test, it became clear that the strategy could help. Based on our own experience, the Auto Play feature is extremely useful. When we tested this game, we noticed that the bonus helped a lot.

plinko game bonus

Our investigation revealed that our findings are correct and Plinko gratis is an excellent choice. As a result of playing the game, our research shows that the casinos offering the game are trustworthy and safe. After trying this game, and based on our observations, we concluded that it is a game worth trying.

play the plinko game

Through trial and error, we discovered that this game can be played by anyone looking for challenges or rewards. And yes, we tested the game at several online casinos to come to this conclusion.

Conclusion – Is the game worth playing?

Yes, besides being a quick game, it is a great alternative to making money easily. However, it is a risky way to play, as it depends on luck. In any case, it is the best possible experience for anyone looking for fast and exciting slot games.


Plinko where to play?

You can play at several licensed online casinos such as Stake, Pin Up, Blaze and KTO.

What is the game where the balls fall?

The game that drops the balls is known as Plinko or "ball game".

How to win at Plinko Pixbet?

Winning at Plinko Pixbet depends on strategies and a little luck.

When is the best time to play the ball game?

There is no specific time that guarantees success, but playing at off-peak times can provide a smoother gaming experience.

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