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This new game from Spribe is already one of the most sought after bettors around the world. With a simple design, easy rules and a high level of customization, there's a Strategy Mines for every style of player. For those who want to know a little more about Mines, and especially about how to win, this is the definitive manual.

Mines gambling game

Mines is a game that was developed in 2021 by Spribe (same as Aviator) and falls into the category of crash games. The success of the title is mainly due to the operation of Mines, which is extremely simple, even for beginner players.

  • Mines is a guessing game;
  • There are 25 closed spaces on a “5×5” platform;
  • There is a certain amount of bombs and stars distributed randomly in the 25 positions;
  • The player must set a bet amount and click on “bet” to play”;
  • To choose a space among the 25, just click on it;
  • With each star found, the player earns the multiplier informed above the table, and has the chance to withdraw his profits;
  • With each bomb found, the game is over and the bet is lost.

To help with decision-making when playing Mines, the control panel offers random guessing (which chooses for you) and automatic entries, which allow consecutive entries with predefined choices.

But it is important to remember that this is a game of chance, that is, it is impossible to take any action that affects the outcome of the round. But even so, with a more professional conduct, involving a lot of discipline and the application of some proven methods, it is possible to increase the chances of winning well. As much as it is a game of chance, there are statistical concepts behind the numbers of any casino game. 

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Mines Game Strategies

A game in the crash games category is, in itself, a “fertile ground” for the application of betting strategies and methods. Some of them are already very well known and proven to be effective, such as the Martingale method, Fibonacci, D'Alembert, Parlay, Pyramid and others. Each has its best application, but all can be adapted to crash games.

But the point here is that Mines bets on a fully customizable structure, where the player can define the bet amount very dynamically, and can even configure the number of bombs distributed in the 25 spaces available in Mines.

  • By increasing the number of possible bombs, the multiplier factor also increases, as the chance of hitting a star starts to get smaller;
  • The configuration can be from 1 to 20 pumps, which can greatly vary the value of the multiplier factor;
  • The entry value also directly influences the multiplier, after all, it only multiplies what the player has bet, with good investments, you don't even need high multipliers.

That said, it's clear that Mines offers a high level of customization by players, which opens up countless possibilities for strategies and tactics to increase the chances of winning. Nothing is 100% guaranteed, but by applying the strategies below, you will certainly get better results in the medium and long term.

Conservative Player Strategy

Besides the fact that the Mines bets 1 real, only, as a minimum value, the game still allows you to use up to 1 bomb hidden in the 25 spaces per round. This can even mean a low multiplier factor, especially at the beginning of the round, but still, you can almost say that it is difficult to make a mistake.

The main features of this strategy are:

  • Medium and low input values;
  • Number of bombs between 1 and 5;
  • Several guesses per round;
  • Patience to seek to increase the multiplier factor;
  • Low targets for cashout.

The downside is that this strategy only shows its results in the long run and really requires patience in building higher multiplier factors. Even if there's only one bomb (or a few) in the 25 spaces, you need to hit several stars to start smiling. 

Even so, the conservative player, with enough patience and discipline, will certainly see his gains increase after some time. If you're not going to have all that patience, but you're also not that aggressive, remember that between 1 and 20 bombs, it's possible to find an ideal amount to balance your strategy.

Another important tip for conservative players (and everyone else) is to explore free Mines, the demo version that most platforms offer of the game. The demo format on the site is exactly the game, with the control panel and all the betting tools, there you can test everything and all the customizations, but the money is fake. Perfect for gaining experience.

Aggressive Player Strategy

The concept here, as expected, is the complete opposite of the previous one. But there are many ways to play aggressively. And it all has to do, too, with the amount of bombs distributed among the 25 spaces. From 13 bombs in Mines, you start to have more bombs than stars, and that's when the most aggressive strategies are born.

Here are the main ways to play aggressively:

  • With 13 bombs – Here the game starts to present a relationship practically fifty/fifty regarding the chances of success. With almost 50% hit/miss chance, several betting concepts are applicable in Mines game strategy;
  • From 14 to 19 pumps – As the number of bombs increases, the multiplier follows, and so does the difficulty. And that means the guess needs to get more “refined”. But it only takes one or two hits to be worth it.
  • 20 pumps – This is the maximum amount, and consequently the maximum multiplier, of 4.85x.

The player's aggressiveness level also has to do with the amount of attempts even after hitting a star, and even with a very high amount of bombs. And about the characteristics, everything is quite the opposite of the previous strategy, again.

The rounds are faster, with few guesses and little patience. To summarize, here the strategy has as its central premise the good old concept of the “straight shot”. And the bad point is that this shot can be very difficult to land, and cost some good investments. We also recommend that you read an article mines game how to play that covers not only the basic strategies but also the techniques of professional players

Mines – Martingale Strategy

The Martingale method is one of the most famous in online casino games, especially in the roulette category. The reason for this popularity is precisely the effectiveness of this system in 50/50% probability ratios, common in the roulette game.

But Mines bets on such a high level of customization that it is also possible to create a ratio close to 50% error, 50% success. Just select 13 bombs. It's not quite 50%, but it's close, and the multiplier is 2,02x on the bet amount.

That said, the Martingale method consists of:

  • Configure Mines for the amount of 13 bombs;
  • Set a bet unit or a fixed entry amount;
  • Double the bet (or the unit) for each bomb found;
  • Keep the value (or unit) for each star found.

The concept of the Martingale method, when applied to Mines, ends when you decide to try to hit one more star. The system predicts that you should secure the profit as soon as possible. In fact, the basic premise of this method is the security of seeking the first predicted profit, that of 2.02x the bet amount.

Statistically, in Mines casino the strategy is infallible, because if you always bet twice as much, at some point your first guess will be correct, even more considering a chance of 50%/50%. But statistics can always surprise, and to bank as many “doubles” as necessary to guarantee the first profit, it may be necessary to have a very high cash. Another bad point is that the surefire profit is only the first, any more greed breaks the method.

Mines Strategy – Tips on How to Play Mines
Mines BC.Game
Mines BC.Game

Cautious Player Strategy

For those looking for an activity that is not so conservative, but also not so aggressive, the level of customization in the game can also help a lot. The principles of caution are based on good cash management and risk balance. 

A good strategy that seeks cautious action, with a good balance of risks, is the pyramid method, which, as the name implies, has a side that goes up and a side that goes down. The Pyramid method in the Mine strategy works as follows:

  • This system works with betting units, therefore, it is necessary to define them;
  • With each defeat, the player must add a unit;
  • With each victory, the player must reduce a unit;
  • Upon reaching the daily earnings target, the player must stop;
  • Upon reaching the daily defeat limit, the player must also stop.

With enough discipline and well-defined betting units, this system guarantees a good balance of risks, and a good possibility of consistent gains in the long term. However, the pyramid does not guarantee 100% effectiveness, and the payback time can be quite long.

In addition to the pyramid system, the Mines settings themselves can bring the necessary balance that the cautious player seeks. By setting a reasonable input value into Mines, as well as having enough bombs to create a good multiplier, it is also possible to balance your risks. To find this “line”, the version Game mines demo can help a lot before you start playing for real money.

Progressive Betting Strategy

A very popular Mines game strategy is the progressive bet. For those who want to start calmly and increase the risks (as well as the possibilities of earnings), the game's interface also offers great tools. 

There are several ways to establish a progressive betting system in this game. And here are some of them:

  • number of guesses – With a fixed amount of bombs and bet value, generally low, it is possible to create a system where each round you increase a guess, instead of redeeming the profits;
  • quantity of pumps – With a fixed amount of guesses and bet value, there is also the option to increase the bombs, but per round it can be a lot, maybe every 3 rounds;
  • betting values – If you manage to find the ideal relationship between bombs and guesses that favor your hits, the other way to act progressively is to increase the bet amount per round or group of rounds.

For any strategy in the Mines game, one of the main features is the player's freedom of creation, through the game's customization tools. But considering only the progressive strategy, the downside is the risk of hitting the limit unexpectedly. Regardless of the chosen augmentation tool, the risk increases proportionally.

Random Selection Strategy

There are two modes that can be considered random in the game, the “Random” button and the “Auto Game”. They are tools that have the power to break a betting pattern, and certainly can help a lot in increasing the odds. 

Starting with the “Random” button, it has a simple function, but that can help a lot when making a decision. The button simply chooses one of the options available to you, and the choice is completely random.

Regarding the “Auto Game” button, the randomness factor is that this function involves participation in more than one round, with a fixed configuration, including selected positions. Mines with Auto Game strategy works as follows:

  1. When selecting the “Auto Game”, the player must choose which positions will be revealed by the next rounds;
  2. Then, click on the central blue button to open the configuration options. There is the place to customize the number of rounds in a row that those positions will be opened;
  3. Also on this screen, the player has the option to set automatic stops, setting a limit on balance, profit or wins.

The bad side of random selections is that, even with the best possible strategy, this moment really will be 100% in the hands of luck, or bad luck. But since the way the game works will always be random, it is still an interesting feature.

Variable Risk Strategy

Finally, one of the best ways to increase your chances of winning at Mines is the variable risk strategy. Like almost everything else in the game, there are several ways to vary the risk. And here are some of them:

  • Varying the amount of guesses per round (with the same settings);
  • Varying the number of bombs;
  • Varying the amount bet.

Different types of risks are interesting in the medium and long term, especially in the face of a totally random earnings composition system. But this strategy also has a downside: the risk of defeat in bolder moves. When bad luck comes in the most daring attempts, it can greatly hinder progress.

But considering the last item on the list, there is a measure that can prevent this from happening, or at least reduce the risk of large losses. It is a risk compensation, which works like this:

  • When fighting for higher multipliers, either through more guesses or more bombs, try to make smaller entries, with lower values, if the multiplier reached is really high, it will be worth it anyway;
  • If the idea is to take advantage of the easier multipliers when playing Mines, that is, those related to the first stars found, a slightly higher input value can be ideal to improve profits.

This still doesn't guarantee a 100% risk-free activity, again, nothing is 100% in this game. But it is a way of balancing risks versus possibilities of gains that is widely used by professional players.

Tips and Recommendations

In addition to all the strategies listed above, there are still some tips and recommendations that apply to any method applied, such as the ones you will see below:

  • Responsible Gaming – The first point is to act with conscience, mainly in the sense of setting aside specific money for this (not the rent), not spending more time than established playing and being responsible in general; 
  • right strategy – There is no point in thinking that all strategies must be applied and that you will get along with all of them. The ideal is to find in Mines the strategy that best suits your style of play;
  • Bank management – Any experienced bettor knows that without good bankroll management, no one will go very far in the world of betting. That is, define units before betting, set profit goals, defeat limits and take care of your bankroll consciously;
  • Emotional control – This tip goes for any casino game and, in fact, for almost everything in life. Emotional intelligence is a rare but constant skill in high rollers and high rollers. Acting on emotion is never the way.
  • Discipline – Regardless of the chosen method or strategy, it is very important to act with discipline and commit. If you are applying a method, respect the guidelines and believe in it, in order to obtain the expected result.

Be sure to take advantage of the bonuses and incentive offers that new users earn both for opening an account and for other opportunities, keep an eye on the details of the “promotions” menu on the platforms.

The last tip is again about the demo version. Before testing any of the tips and tactics presented, test them in demo format. Free Mines is also very useful for getting familiar with the commands and configuration tools.


What is the logic of Mines?

The only logic of the game is that each round will present an outcome totally independent of the last one and the next one. It's a crash game where the player needs to hit stars to profit and be able to withdraw his bet, but in case of a bomb, it's over.

How to always hit Mines?

There is no method to win every time, as it is impossible to win every time. The best thing to do is to study the best methods and set up an ideal system of bomb counts and guesses.